“The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God”

9781404189997I can still remember my first telescope. It was one of those cheap Wal-mart type ones that you can buy for like $30. Basically, it was a glorified binocular. I’m not sure how much of space I saw but that dinky little telescope changed my life. From the moment I stared into the lens and saw the moon, I was hooked on stargazing.

Space always has something new to reveal. So often we limit space to our little corner of the milky way, but with each new day some new planet or star or celestial object is being uncovered. It reminds me of two things. 1. How infinitely small I am. 2. How infinitely great and glorious God is.

In “The Heavens”, Kevin Hartnett shares a similar mindset. Each day and devotion reveals to the reader something remarkable about outer space. How does this get you closer to God? It reminds you that God is the creator and has everything under control. Beautiful photography along with a great book layout make this a daily devotional you wont want to miss out on.

In our all too busy and hectic lives, it is nice to find something that can give you a moment’s rest and meditation. Buy this book and begin praising our majestic God.

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“The Fight”

UBB-TheFightbyLukeWordleyBoxing intrigues me. To me, fighting has always been something I’ve shied away from. I’m definitely not one of those guys who tries to prove himself by being tough or getting into fights. I am a trained blackbelt but even that has never made me crave fighting. In fact, it taught me just the opposite; the very harshness, danger and consequences of using our bodies as weapons.

With that being said though, boxing is a sport of focus. You must learn your opponent and anticipate his next move and yours at the same time. Split second decision making is not only required, it is imperative. In Luke Wordley’s newest book, “The Fight”, the reader sees the positive impact boxing can have on a life.

Sam Pennington is an angry kid who has lost everything. A dead father, a drunk mother and the harshness of moving into public housing has led Sam to his breaking point. It is at this breaking point that he comes to a crossroads. After a particularly brutal fight, Sam is introduced to Jerry Ambrose, a boxing trainer. Jerry takes Sam under his wing and Sam begins to discover a hidden talent and passion for boxing.

The story is redemptive in nature and deals with the core of what happens to our lives when our emotions rule us. It is also a coming of age story for Sam. This is a longer book at 380 pages but the story keeps your attention and drives home some important messages.

All of us has demons and skeletons that resurface from time to time and we all must learn how to deal with them or we will be ruled by them. We all have a “fight” we must engage in. How will yours turn out?

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Raised? :Finding Jesus by Doubting the Ressurection

raisedReadability: Novice/Beginner

I admit it, I struggle with the resurrection. There I said it. What isn’t there to struggle with though. A man beaten to a pulp, flesh torn from His body, the horrific loss of blood, the agony of hands and feet being nailed to two large beams of wood and then being hung naked to die an agonizing death of suffocation by the very weight of His own body. That is not the hard part. As horrible as that is, it is believable. The unbelievable (and the miraculous) come when we take into account what happened after the crucifixion.

According to the Bible, Jesus was dead for 3 days and then rose back to life. And not just a so-so life in need of extreme medical attention, but rather a glorious life. A life that was and still is unmatched in all of human history.

This is where the unbelief comes in. Is it really believable and reasonable for us to believe in a resurrected Jesus Christ. Or, was this a story that got out of hand and grew and expanded into something more than it really is?

In their concise yet impactful book, “Raised?”, Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson help the reader tackle this question. A unique aspect of this book, is that the authors encourage doubt. They promote doubt as a vehicle to belief. Supporting the claim that the resurrected Jesus of the Gospels is audacious, they say that being a doubter puts us in good company. Many of the strongest believers began as hard core doubters. A main point of the book is that Christ welcomes and encourages our doubt so that He may use it to prove who He is to us.

This is a good book for a beginner apologist. It is small enough not to be overwhelming and much of the language is more conversational than academic. The authors are both pastors and therefore write from that perspective. This will be an excellent resource for pastors & church leaders to give to seekers, new Christians and long time believers. All will benefit and hopefully be led to a deeper relationship with the resurrected Christ.


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A Child Called “It”

60748Have you ever read a book and stepped back and thought about how incredibly blessed you are or were? I recently read a book that made me do just that. The name of this book is “A Child Called It” by Dave Pelzer.

The book chronicles the life of Dave as a young boy in a happy family that slowly descends into a time of intense physical, emotional and spiritual abuse. The spiral begins with his mother slowly becoming an alcoholic. With each drink, she sinks deeper and deeper into a dark hole that expresses itself as brutally beating, starving and torturing the author.

Dave tells many stories of the abuse he underwent, but underlying it all is an inspirational story of a young boy that still believes in the power of love and hope. In the end, after many, many years of abuse, Dave escapes in part due to concerned and involved teachers and school counselors.

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Jesus + Nothing = Everything

515XKn41ZCLIf you are anything like me, you may cringe just a bit when you read that line in Revelation that condemns the church for losing their 1st love. I cringe because I have seen and be aware in my own life of the sin of people pleasing and idolatry. I have added requirements to my faith that were not supposed to be there and have placed people on par with Jesus at times as well. That is why it was so great to get Pastor Tullian’s new book on what the Gospel really is.

My biggest takeaway from this book has been to see where in my life I am harboring idols. They were the usual crowd like greed or lust, but the more subtle such as intellectualism. Sweeping these bad boys out was not fun but it is necessary. Jesus+Nothing=Everything is a great book that helps you examine the parts of your life that are not Gospel centered. More than that it helps you see how to get back to that center and keep your eyes focused on Christ.

A unique feature of the book is the ability to interact with the author online through Crossway’s book summary’s that Pastor Tullian recorded. If you are looking for a great read on what the Gospel in real life means, than get this book, read it and then go live it out.

Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After: Preparing for a Marriage That Goes the Distance

51M-nG4pygLWhat makes a great marriage? Is it time? Is it commitment? Is it selflessness? How do we make our marriages different than the other 51% than end in divorce? The answer is simple. We do something different!

“Love, Sex and Happily Ever After” is a new book by Craig Groeschel. In it, he speaks to those preparing for marriage and those currently married and how they can make sure that they start off and stay on the right page. The premise is that marriage is a journey, not a destination. We are never to get so comfortable in our relationship with our spouse that we grow cold and disengaged.

Groeschel offers good advice and practical steps. He holds no punches in parts of the book. The reader can expect a sense of urgency to come across as he reads the book. For example, in one part Groeschel urges the reader to put down the book and go end a relationship if he knows that he is not in one that is God honoring.

Groeschel is the founder pastor of Lifechurch.tv. The end all result is to have a marriage that brings God glory and helps the reader prepare for and keep a healthy,strong and Godly marriage.