Starting Back Up!

maxresdefaultIt sure has been a while since I wrote on this blog (2 years, I am the mayor of Loserville). However, I have still been reading like a rabid monkey. My tastes have changed a little but my love of books has not. We are still in a very real and committed relationship. As I thought about why I wanted to start the blog back up, it really came down to 3 things.

I created the Intentional Reader for a couple of reasons.

  1. First, I love to read. Reading isn’t just a hobby for me, it is a passion. A hobby is something you do in your spare time when you get a chance. A passion or something you are passionate about is something that is a core part of you and drives you each day.
  2. Second, I love learning and growing. The most effective vehicle to growth and learning is books. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Graphic Novels, Poetry, Memoirs, Biographies, Children’s Lit – all these point us toward something new and grow our minds and imagination.  There are plenty of things that expand our minds but I still believe books are the best resource available.
  3. Finally, I want to help others on their journey. Maybe you read my review and read the same book and say that I’m an idiot for posting that I liked the book. That’s awesome! You engaged the book and moved forward a step. I’ve grown just as much through books I didn’t like and as through the books that brought me the most joy.

A little about me – I’m just an average guy who happens to be married to an above average girl and has three radically awesome kids. Obviously love reading and coffee. Known to sing in the shower and occasionally use 80’s movies as philosophical advice. I’ve been known to ask Alexa and Siri to play Bon Jovi much to my kids’ chagrin.

I realize there are thousands upon thousands of book review sites that most likely are much better but I hope that this one will push you forward in your love of the written word.

Hope you share the journey with me.


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