Raised? :Finding Jesus by Doubting the Ressurection

raisedReadability: Novice/Beginner

I admit it, I struggle with the resurrection. There I said it. What isn’t there to struggle with though. A man beaten to a pulp, flesh torn from His body, the horrific loss of blood, the agony of hands and feet being nailed to two large beams of wood and then being hung naked to die an agonizing death of suffocation by the very weight of His own body. That is not the hard part. As horrible as that is, it is believable. The unbelievable (and the miraculous) come when we take into account what happened after the crucifixion.

According to the Bible, Jesus was dead for 3 days and then rose back to life. And not just a so-so life in need of extreme medical attention, but rather a glorious life. A life that was and still is unmatched in all of human history.

This is where the unbelief comes in. Is it really believable and reasonable for us to believe in a resurrected Jesus Christ. Or, was this a story that got out of hand and grew and expanded into something more than it really is?

In their concise yet impactful book, “Raised?”, Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson help the reader tackle this question. A unique aspect of this book, is that the authors encourage doubt. They promote doubt as a vehicle to belief. Supporting the claim that the resurrected Jesus of the Gospels is audacious, they say that being a doubter puts us in good company. Many of the strongest believers began as hard core doubters. A main point of the book is that Christ welcomes and encourages our doubt so that He may use it to prove who He is to us.

This is a good book for a beginner apologist. It is small enough not to be overwhelming and much of the language is more conversational than academic. The authors are both pastors and therefore write from that perspective. This will be an excellent resource for pastors & church leaders to give to seekers, new Christians and long time believers. All will benefit and hopefully be led to a deeper relationship with the resurrected Christ.


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