Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After: Preparing for a Marriage That Goes the Distance

51M-nG4pygLWhat makes a great marriage? Is it time? Is it commitment? Is it selflessness? How do we make our marriages different than the other 51% than end in divorce? The answer is simple. We do something different!

“Love, Sex and Happily Ever After” is a new book by Craig Groeschel. In it, he speaks to those preparing for marriage and those currently married and how they can make sure that they start off and stay on the right page. The premise is that marriage is a journey, not a destination. We are never to get so comfortable in our relationship with our spouse that we grow cold and disengaged.

Groeschel offers good advice and practical steps. He holds no punches in parts of the book. The reader can expect a sense of urgency to come across as he reads the book. For example, in one part Groeschel urges the reader to put down the book and go end a relationship if he knows that he is not in one that is God honoring.

Groeschel is the founder pastor of The end all result is to have a marriage that brings God glory and helps the reader prepare for and keep a healthy,strong and Godly marriage.


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