Sabbath:The Ancient Practices

ImageSabbath by Dan Allender is part of an eight title series termed “Ancient Practices”. The series hopes to reconnect the raw search for God through the re-examination of ancient faith practices, such as the Sabbath, Fasting, and regular, fixed time prayer.

The book seeks to answer a very important question, “What would you do for twenty four hours if your only concern was to pursue your deepest joy?” The answers to that question are limitless, but weighty. However, I think Allender may have missed the mark. The question should be what would we do with those 24 hours to pursue God’s deepest joy. Like many books, the focus is on humanity, rather than on God.

A look through the book will show a few shortcomings. One, is the lack of scripture used. There is not much used to support what is said. This leads the reader to be even more careful in absorbing what Allender says. Another is the influence of Moltmann. While much can be learned from Jurgen Moltmann, when a book seems to quote or draw from any one theologian extensively, one should again proceed with caution.

Overall, the book is a short read and handsomely marketed. I applaud the series for the fact of bringing back some much needed footholds in a faith that seems to be at odds with its roots. The book does include a built in study guide to help the reader go deeper in his understanding of it message.


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