Plan B

Plan_B_Pete_WilsonA marriage fails. A baby dies. A woman is assaulted. Parents become children. A dream job is lost. The bank account runs dry. A child turns their back on faith and family. What do these all have in common? They are unscripted. They are not planned. It is when things like these happen that we have to carry on and put in place “Plan B”.

In a book entitled “Plan B”, Pastor and Author Pete Wilson attempts to answer the question, “What do we do when God doesn’t show up the way we thought He would?” In other words, where is God in all the dirt and messiness of my life.

Pete Wilson shares many stories and anecdotes from his own experiences as a husband, father and pastor. Having suffered the agony of a stillborn child, Pastor Wilson can speak authoritatively on this subject. “Plan B” is for the believer but in my opinion seems more directly aimed at the seeker.

The book is not heavy reading like a lot of books on Theodicy can be. The book’s main concern is more practical than theological. It could serve as a good jumping off point into the study of suffering and the purpose of God. Pastor Wilson acknowledges that there are no easy answers to sufferings but that faith in God’s ultimate plan and purpose is what will guide you and comfort you through any crisis.

Some additional reviews of “Plan B”


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