All Pro Dad

allprodadI am not a man’s man so to speak. Not much into sports or football or crushing things with my head. I don’t worry about having a six pack or cool shoes. I don’t sport three day old growth on my face, mainly because I can’t grow it. But one thing I try to do day in and day out is be a better father to my three children than the day I was before.

Honestly, I fail (and epically) sometimes. But other times, nuggets from things I have read or seen break through and make a huge difference. I want to share a book with you that I think will make you not only a better dad but a better husband and son.

“All Pro Dad” by Mark Merrill focuses in on seven key influencers that each man can take to influence and win the hearts of his family. These include:

1. Know your makeup (who am I)
2. Know your mind-set (purpose)
3. Know your motive (why?)
4. Know your method ( How can I do better)
5. Know you’re a model (What am I promoting)
6. Know your message (what do I need to share)
7. Know your master (who has control)

These 7 points will help any man become more effective and more focused on what it means to lead and guide his family. “All Pro Dad” is not about perfection, it is about leaving a generational impact. At one point in the book, it is stated that as a father (or husband) a man never really “arrives” because he should always be striving to grow more. I couldn’t agree more. I appreciate Mark’s heart and message.


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