Brass Heavens

thPrayer. Its only six letters but its meaning and implications are a lot bigger than we can ever imagine. For most, prayer is the “Hail Mary” pass in their arsenal of defense against whatever ails them. They turn to prayer when all else fails to take hold and bring relief. But for many, prayer is a way of life. It becomes as much a part of life as breathing. But, just like breathing can become labored at times, so can prayer. At times, our prayers can seem congested and as if it is falling on deaf ears.

This Monday I received a book from Cruciform Press titled “Brass Heavens”. Written by author, pastor, biblical counselor and father to ten (yes ten!), Dr. Paul Tautges, this book attempts to answer why prayers may go unanswered. Dr. Tautges gives us 6 reasons why this may happen:

  1. Pet Sins
  2. Neglected Duties
  3. Religious Sins
  4. Inconsiderate Husbands
  5. Stubborn Pride
  6. Testing Our Faith

The first 5 deal with some fault of our own, the last deals with when God answers “Not Yet” or maybe even “Not Ever”.

Brass Heavens is as much an apologetic on sin as on prayer. Many times, I found myself repenting of something that the book helped make clear to me. One quote in particular helped me to re caliber some faulty thinking…

We forget that life is fundamentally a spiritual activity that includes a physical dimension. It is not fundamentally a physical activity with a spiritual component tacked on to add a little mystery. Our faith is our life, and the status of our faith is the most important thing about us. The tests of faith that God sends our way are reminders to keep us focused on what is true and real and primary.

Tautges book show’s God sovereignty, goodness and wisdom in answered AND unanswered prayer. To understand your prayer life better and to grow your spiritual life, read this book.



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