No Ordinary Marriage

noordinaryMarriage is hard. Plain and simple, no holds barred…marriage ain’t easy. Selfishness, laziness, possessiveness, and pressures all factor into what makes marriage a matter of the heart. With an astronomical number of marriages breaking up and ending in divorce (both within and outside the Christian culture), divorce is the number one killer of marriages. To many, getting out is much easier and more fruitful than putting in the effort and strain of fixing and focusing on their current marriage.

I would like to share with you a resource I received from Crossway entitled, “No Ordinary Marriage”. As the title suggests, the goal of Christian marriage is to extra-ordinary. Extra ordinary in that marriage is for God’s glory and pleasure more than for our own.

So the natural question is, how do we make our marriage that way?

First, as Savage presents, husband and wife must know their responsibilities and duties within the marriage and perform them joyfully and purposefully for the Lord. Second, they must realize they are not two people living together. Instead, they are one spirit fused from two. Third, they must live for something greater than themselves. Savage calls this cruciform love and single heartedness. Living for and because of God’s glory will focus the couple on having a God honoring and Christ exalting marriage.

This is a good resource book for pastors, lay leaders, counselors and couples. The goal of marriage must be more than to sustain, it must be to glorify God!


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