God’s Grand Vision for the Home

Have you ever wondered why your family is your family? Or maybe you have wondered what really is the point of family anyway? Is it just a way of ensuring the continuation of the human race or is there more to it than that?

I recently attended a conference on Family Ministry and while there received a copy of a book entitled, ” God’s Grand Vision for the Home“. From the title alone you can tell the premise of the book; which is quite simply that God does in fact have a purpose and plan for each and every family. Following the logic, the next question will be…”Well then, what is that purpose?”

Author, Rob Rienow, expounds on this purpose. He states, “We were created for a love relationship with God. That is what life is all about. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead so that we can be restored to that love relationship with our Creator.” He goes on to state that this example and purpose is best fulfilled within the home. He says, “God wants to use your family to point your children to Jesus from the very beginning.”

This book is full of little gems that are essential truths to shaping and leading the hearts of children. Here are a few:

Creating a physically safe home is very important, but creating an emotionally safe home is essential if we are going to reach the hearts of our kids (25)


Why did God give you your children? He entrusted them to you so that you might lead them to know, love and serve Him. God gave you your children so that you would help them get safely home to heaven. He has given you the mission of training your children so that they can be saved and have the opportunity to bring many others to heaven with them. (31)


We need to set the example for our kids by putting ourselves under the authority of the Bible, allowing it to speak to our hearts, and letting our kids hear us talk about it. (65)


Towards the end of the book, he gives some excellent family worship ideas for the home. This is not a hard read at all and in fact can probably be read within a few hours.

Some of Rienow’s other books include:

His website is available at www.visionaryfam.com


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