Robots everywhere!

Robots are fascinating to me. I am always amazed when I see the next step in mechanical evolution. Robots have always been the stuff of dreams and nightmares. Friendly robots have been a reminder of machines helpfulness and resourcefulness. After all, who could not love the Jetson’s mechanical nanny, Rosie or Johnny 5 from Short Circuit? But then again, Robots have also been the thing of nightmares for humans as well. From the Terminator to the Decepticons, robots can be menacing and apocalyptic.

All these themes mesh together in Isaac Asimov’s “I, Robot”. A classic of the science fiction genre, I, Robot explores the many dimensions of life with robots. The reader starts with clunky, unintelligent, slave like machines and ends with advanced life forms that have become better than human beings.

The story really seems to be about the creation become greater than the creator. Mankind becomes dependent upon its own creation to make life easier. The book brings up valid questions of how far is too far in our quest to create? Also, is technology tameable?

This is a good book that will make you think and realize how quickly our society is advancing. Perhaps this book will not be science fiction much longer…

Happy Reading!


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