Have you ever thought about what would of or could have happened? Or maybe you have thought about what others, especially those closest to you will say and think of you once you have passed on? Our actions have consequences. They are very real and carry weight. Perhaps more than we know.

This is the terrain of the novel “Everyman” by Philip Roth. The main character is dead and his family and friends have come to mourn him. Some attend out of respect, some out of love and some out of duty. Told in almost backward glance, the novel shows the main character’s life and the choices he has made. He makes hard choices, sacrifices, makes choices on passion rather than reason, and in the end must come to terms with what he has left in his wake. He is “Everyman” in terms that he must make a choice and live with the consequences, good or bad.

The novel is important because it makes the reader aware of how who we are affects others around us. We are not mere islands, but rather connected in ways we may not even think about. This book will make you think twice and think more deeply.

The novel does have some coarse language, but it is very minimal.

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Everyman…

  1. Good review, sounds like “The Counterlife” a lot, the only Roth book I’ve been able to get through. It was great though, very interesting structure. Have you read it?

    • Thanks Zach! I appreciate the kind words. I haven’t read Counterlife yet. This was actually my first book by Roth. May read more in the future.

      • It’s the only one I can recommend. It’s split into five parts, each part following chronologically, but character’s roles/histories are reversed from part to part…best way I can describe it. Interesting read.

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