Why? It is a question parents and teachers hear a thousand times a day. Why is the sky blue? Why isn’t the moon made of cheese? Why do I have to share? These small questions can have big impacts on a child’s life. They may or may not determine how he will respond to something that arises in the future. Teaching our children or pupils the appropriate response is not only our duty but our delight!

Unfortunately, many of our answers are “off the cuff” so to speak and have no real grounding in fact. In other words, we have no reason to our rhyme. Instead we answer how “I Believe”, instead of what is well thought out, researched, discussed and analyzed. It is only after we have done these steps that we can truly say “Because” and not feel a slight twinge of uncertainty.

Randy Alcorn has tackled some large Christian issues such as Heaven and good and evil. But, he has also tackled an extremely divisive topic and done it with tact and respect. The topic is abortion and the reasoning and problem solving can be found in his small book titled “Why Pro Life? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers”.

This an adult “Why”? question and answer book. Those who do not feel equipped to answer the abortion issue would do best to read this book. Small enough to be read quickly, but also dense enough not to be a whimsical treatment, this book provides biblical answers SUPPORTED by scientific research and documentation.

This is a topic that is not going away and in all intents and purposes, should not. We must be prepared to answer why we believe what we believe. Here is a good place to begin.

Happy Reading!


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