The 5 Love Languages of Children

What is Love? Now before you start the Roxbury head nod, this is not such an easy question. How is love shown and to what degree? Do we all respond to love in the same ways and to certain expressions of love?

Obviously, love is its own language. More often than not, how we respond, act and behave indicates either a plenitude or a lack of love. What co-authors and counselors Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell show us is, this may have to do with how love is spoken to us.

This book deals with children’s love languages and the ways these languages manifest themselves in kids lives. Reading this book will help you better understand why your child acts and responds the way she does. You will also find practical and useful application on how to figure out your child’s love language. The result is a better response and an¬† increased awareness on how to lead and guide your children through the use of their love language.

This is a great resource for parents, teachers and pastors (especially children’s). I would have liked to see more interaction and biblical support, but over all this is a solid and good book.

Happy reading!


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