Intentional Reading?

If you look up “intentional”, it is defined as something that is done on purpose. The word revolves around the idea on planned participation and resolve. In fact, the best antonym for intentional is accidental. If I am intent on running two miles every day, this would involve me having a prepared plan of action and the resolve to actually go out and run the two miles no matter what. I have put my mind to it and therefore it will happen. I do not accidentally run two miles.

This blog is called the Intentional Reader for much the same reason. We must be intentional in our reading. We must have a plan of action for our reading and the resolve to read, no matter what. Much like the training of the body, the training of the mind is just as important. I have resolved to read on and for a purpose. The main purpose is to glorify God with my mind, which in turn will glorify Him with my thoughts and actions.

Through this blog, I invite you to see the journey I plan to take to make this goal a reality. I will do this through my reading. My reading will be widespread and not confined to one area of life. Why? Simply put…Reading is one of the best mediums to critical thinking. Consider this quote:

“If you want to understand the people around you, why they are the way they are, what influences them, why they make the decisions they do, you will do well to read the books they read. These books explain the ideas; the people live the ideas.” (Tim Challies)

This is well stated and reasoned. A seasoned thinker is a well read one. To grow and understand, we must read. For the Christian, reading is a spiritual exercise which allows them to engage the world, be challenged and solidify their faith.

C.S. Lewis wrote about two great benefits to reading widely. First, we will have the opportunity to experiences places we’ve never had the opportunity to experience and secondly, we’ll be able to think thoughts we’ve never thought before.

Hopefully, with the help of this blog, your love of books will grow.


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